The Tuesday Agency is a small lecture agency dedicated to big ideals. We believe in the richness of real live human connections and the ability of words to change the world.

The Tuesday Agency is a full-service lecture agency exclusively representing a premier group of professional speakers including; authors, journalists, historians, artists and scholars of the highest regard.

Based in Iowa City, Iowa, home of the world renowned Iowa Writer's Workshop and the first city in North America designated by the United Nations as a "City of Literature," The Tuesday Agency is dedicated to the literary arts and to thoughtful dialogue.

The speakers you see here on this website and in our catalogs are all represented exclusively by our agency and can't be found anywhere else. Though because of our experience and relationships we are able and happy to assist you in securing any speaker on any subject that is of interest to you – even if you don't see them here.

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Trinity Ray is a father, husband, brother, son, avid reader, traveler and President of The Tuesday Agency (not necessarily in that order).

He's spent twenty years in the lecture industry, as an event coordinator, agent and as a program director. For ten years he was Vice President at a large lecture bureau in Boston where he developed a successful literary lectures division – establishing and maintaining relationships with authors, publishers and literary agents around the world.

Trinity served eight years in the United States Army Reserve and received his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Iowa.

Among other things, he has worked as a farm hand, a roadie and a fishmonger. He has run the Boston Marathon, rode cross-country in a semi-truck, won second place in a chili cook-off, first place in a yodeling contest and lived for a short while on the banks of the Panama Canal.


Kevin Mills is passionate about books, music and his family. He prefers to spend his free time in dusty old bookstores and thundering old concert halls. He is Vice President of The Tuesday Agency.

Before joining The Tuesday Agency, Kevin survived six years in Las Vegas. There, as a public school teacher, he had the privilege of sharing the power of literature, language, and the spoken word with students in one of our nation’s most challenging school districts.

Having grown up on a horse ranch in rural Nebraska, Kevin has made his way down many roads, living across the country at times in Nashville, Chicago and Los Angeles. While pursuing rock stardom he managed to graduate from the Musicians Institute of Hollywood and earn degrees in English Education from The University of Iowa and Illinois State University.

Kevin can stay up all night talking about great books or Creedence Clearwater Revival … and sometimes he does.