We believe words change the world.

The Tuesday Agency is a full-service lecture agency exclusively representing a premier group of professional speakers including; authors, journalists, historians, artists and scholars of the highest regard.

Based in Iowa City, Iowa, home of the world renowned Iowa Writers' Workshop and the first city in North America designated by the United Nations as a "City of Literature," The Tuesday Agency is dedicated to the literary arts and to thoughtful dialogue.

The speakers you see here on this website and in our catalogs are all represented exclusively by our agency and can't be found anywhere else. Though because of our experience and relationships we are able and happy to assist you in securing any speaker on any subject that is of interest to you – even if you don't see them here.

Trinity Ray

Trinity won first place in a yodeling contest.

Trinity Ray is a father, husband, brother, son, avid reader and President of The Tuesday Agency (not necessarily in that order). 

He's spent twenty-five years in the lecture industry, as an event coordinator, agent and as a program director. For ten years he was Vice President at a large lecture bureau in Boston. Trinity served in the United States Army Reserve and received his BA in Political Science from the University of Iowa. 

Among other things, he has run the Boston Marathon, rode cross-country in a semi-truck, won second place in a chili cook-off and first place in a yodeling contest.

Kevin Mills

Kevin grew up on a horse ranch in Nebraska.

Kevin Mills prefers to spend his free time in dusty old bookstores and thundering old concert halls. He is Vice President of The Tuesday Agency. 

Before joining the agency, Kevin lived for six years in Las Vegas. There, as a public school teacher, he had the privilege of sharing literature and language with students in one of our nation’s most challenging school districts. Having grown up in rural Nebraska, Kevin has traveled many roads, living at times in Nashville, Chicago and Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, The University of Iowa and Illinois State University. 

Ryan Barker

Ryan can stay up late enough for rock n' roll and get up early enough to make brunch.

Ryan Barker once sent flowers to Ozzy Osbourne. In Moscow. At midnight. From New York. He is a Senior Agent at The Tuesday Agency.

Ryan is a published author, award-winning photographer, accomplished baritone saxophone player, and a veteran of the stage. He worked as a pro bono defense attorney and as the leader of a group of conservationists preserving the county parks near his home in Iowa…and then he graduated from high school.

He received a BFA from the University of Iowa and has lived in Iowa, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. He has worked on multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns, international tours for Van Morrison, Neil Young, and many others - as a pizza dough roller-outer, an elevator operator, a sorority house boy, a concert promoter, a waiter, a bartender, a bouncer, and a bootlegger. The cocktail cherries he created were sold via lottery, and his work with beer led to him being named a “beer expert” in New York City. He likes to cook and would appreciate it if you would let him clean up as well.

Ariel Lewiton

Ariel will get into a conversation with absolutely anyone.

Ariel Lewiton has been a waitress on a dinner cruise ship in Chicago and a love advice columnist for a weekly newspaper in Beijing. After 19 moves in 18 years, she’s landed in Brooklyn, where she runs Tuesday’s New York office as a Senior Agent.

Ariel began her career in educational publishing, editing high school literature textbooks and writing essays for the Reading Comprehension section of the SAT. (Sorry, teens.) After a yearlong stint as a journalist and editor at China Daily in Beijing, she earned an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from the University of Iowa, where she ran two community reading series. From there, she became Director of Marketing and Publicity for the independent literary publisher Sarabande Books, where she also acquired and edited fiction and nonfiction.

Since 2017, she has worked as a freelance book editor, writer, and creative writing teacher. Among other projects, she’s been a contributing writer for Amtrak’s onboard magazine The National, ghostwritten a self-help book for a CEO, and knit several giant blankets during the pandemic. Like a true East Coast cliche, she loves books, public radio, and seltzer.

Alexa Starry

Alexa’s homemade black raspberry pie won a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair.

Alexa Starry has swam with elephants in a Thai river, hiked Mount Timpanogos, and she once spent a weekend meditating with Buddhist monks.

Alexa earned her BA in English and Publishing from the University of Iowa. During undergrad, she was a contributor for Fools Magazine, an Iowa City-based literary, arts, and culture publication, and was also involved in editing and designing chapbooks for the inaugural Iowa Chapbook Prize series. While in undergrad at Iowa, Alexa began her career at The Tuesday Agency as an intern, and she now currently holds the role of Junior Agent.

When she’s not at the office, Alexa can be found reading or studying as she pursues her MA in Library and Information Science.