Alvin Hall

"I’ve long held the belief that you learn as much about yourself from failing as you do from succeeding and sometimes you learn more...Failure gives you an opportunity to look inside, to gain wisdom and then move forward, but without being held hostage to that failure."

For five years on BBC, Alvin Hall hosted the highly award-winning series, Your Money or Your Life, on which he offered both practical financial and psychological advice. He is an internationally renowned financial educator, award-winning television and radio broadcaster, and bestselling author.

In the summer of 2019, Alvin and social activist and trainer Janée Woods Weber hit the road for a 12-day, 2,000-mile trip from Detroit to New Orleans. The route they drove was based on information gathered from the historic travel guide, The Negro Motorist Green Book. The people they interviewed shared powerful stories and memories of that time that became the center of the Ambie Award-winning podcast, Driving the Green Book. His radio program, Jay-Z: From Brooklyn to the Boardroom, won the Wincott Foundation Press and Broadcasting Award for the best radio program for 2006, and he has also hosted programs on current events and contemporary art for BBC Radio 4 including After Katrina and most recently, Alvin Hall’s Generations of Money. Alvin is also the host of the Audible Original, Power, Lust and Glory: The Story of Gold.

In 2021, Alvin debuted his first exhibition of contemporary art, Subliminal Horizons. It is an open-ended survey of Black, indigenous, brown, and Asian artists living and working in the Hudson Valley in New York.

Alvin lives in New York City where he designs and teaches classes about the investment markets for financial services companies, banks, regulatory authorities, as well as information and technology vendors.

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