Lisa Lucas

"I'm loud. I was born loud. I get excited about things that I love. And I have always loved books...the fact that any time somebody comes up with a problem in the world or something you don't understand, you can say, there's a book for that."

As a high-energy bookish extrovert, Lisa Lucas is a rare combination. A prominent leader with unparalleled passion, she serves as an essential champion of literature.

Lisa Lucas was the youngest, first woman, and first person of color to be the Executive Director of the National Book Foundation. In 2020, she accepted a position to head Pantheon and Schocken Books as the Senior Vice President.

In the past, Lisa has served as the Publisher of Guernica, a non-profit online magazine focusing on writing that explores the intersection of art and politics with an international and diverse focus. Before that, she was the Director of Education at the Tribeca Film Institute, on the development team at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and a consultant for the Sundance Institute, San Francisco Film Society, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and ReelWorks Teen Filmmaking.

In each role, Lisa has been driven by not just a love of the arts, but a love of sharing the arts and promoting diversity; she is vocal about inclusivity in publishing, insisting that the word transcends boundaries to include everyone regardless of their racial, economic, or geographic background.

Want to feel connected? There's a book for that.


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