Rex Ziak

"I don't speak in normal sentences. I tend to speak in essays."

With no formal higher education but ample passion and curiosity Rex Ziak uncovered a missing chapter of early American history that resulted in the founding of one of America’s newest national parks!

Lewis & Clark’s arrival at the Pacific Ocean had confused historians for nearly two hundred years. Rex studied the Lewis and Clark journals, closely examining every word and repeatedly retracing sections of their route on foot. After more than six years of research, he published his discoveries, which contradicted everything we’d come to believe.

The Oregon Historical Society named Rex a Distinguished Historian on three separate occasions and the federal government honored his groundbreaking research by creating the Lewis & Clark National Historic Park! Rex has written three books including his most recent In Full View.

Rex is an extraordinary character. The son of a logger, he has worked as a professional cinematographer – for which he won an Emmy. As a young man he traveled solo through Central and South America ultimately settling in a small rural village in the mountains of Mexico for two years. And Rex single-handedly took on a multi-national corporation to defend the last parcel of ancient rainforest in southwest Washington. Currently Rex is the director of the non-profit OBON 2015, which is working to collect and return World War II Japanese flags to the families of the veterans who carried them into battle.

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