Speakers on Podcasters

Gemma Cairney Portrait

Gemma Cairney

is the force of generations.

Sandra Clark

sees every side of the story.

Stephanie Foo

is helping us heal.

Roxane Gay

is feminist AF.

Alvin Hall

is showing his range.

Mary Annaïse Heglar

has hope for the future.

Dave Isay

is saving our stories for our great-grandchildren.

Saeed Jones

is one man made up of many parts.

Dan Kennedy

is a man with a story.

Debbie Millman

knows why design matters.

Tonya Mosley

asks all the right questions.

Bethanne Patrick

is breaking stigma.

Jon Ronson

is brill!

Virginia Sole-Smith

feeds our minds, bodies, and souls. 

Jenna Wortham

is a cultural conduit.